Annual General Meetings (Notes)

June 6, 2016
  • At our annual general meeting on June 6, 2016 at the Katherine Friesen Centre, besides board members, there were seven other attendees. Thank you for taking time to join us and hear our report on last year's activities.W e appreciate your continued support and input.
  • We welcome Cindy Madden , and say farewell to Erika Schroeder, who informed us she is stepping down from the board. Thank you Erika for all of your hard work at fundraising, selling tickets, putting up posters, and working the canteen!
  • We'd also like to pass on two pleas for help. Aron Loewen, the one man dynamo who creates our sets, is looking for an apprentice he can share his expertise with, or failing that, some dedicated co-builders whose need to create outweighs the need for remuneration. If you sit at home alone at night and feel like building something, come down and join Aron at our studio at 297 Ross Avenue during our rehearsal times. Look back here for more info about times.
  • The second plea comes from a former president of WMT, John Enns. For over 30 years, John has been a major force behind Prairie Performances, an existing incorporated registered charitable organization.He is looking for someone who would be interested in taking over for him. John has done his time, now it's someone else's turn. Are you that someone?
  • Come to next year's AGM and see what we do. You can find the date and place right here in April, 2017.